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Skating Schedules

Please note that all schedules are subject to change without notice.

By subscribing to our calendars below you are guaranteed to have the most up-to-date schedules.

Public Skate Pricing:


Tot (4 & under): $6.50 including skate rental
Child 5+/Adult: $8.00 including skate rental


**Weekends & Holidays:

Tot (4 & under): $4.50
Child (5-12 yrs): $6.00
Adult (13+ yrs): $7.00
Skate Rental: $3.50

Weekend/Holiday Rates also apply when Wake County schools are CLOSED.


Rates with Club Card:

Adult Weekend/Holiday: $6.50

Child Weekend/Holiday: $5

Weekday Child/Adult 5+: $7.00

Weekday Tot (4 & under): $3.50


Open Hockey Pricing:

Stick & Puck:
$8.50 for skaters and coaches - $7.50 with PIH Club Card
$6.50 for goalies - $5.50 with PIH Club Card

Adult Pickup (16+):
$10.50 for skaters - $9.50 with PIH Club Card
Free play for goalies

Power Skate:
$15.00 - 60 minute walk-on - Series Rate Available

We do not provide any equipment. HECC Certified Hockey Helmet (with face cage for skaters under 18 years of age) and hockey gloves are required to participate in Stick & Puck. Shin pads and elbow pads are recommended.
Full hockey equipment is required for Pickup and Power Skate.

Figure Skating Pricing:

30 minute Walk-On: $8.00  Club Card: $5.00

Camp Freestyle Rates:
60 minute Walk-On: $8.00  Club Card: $5.00

Power & Off-ice Class Rates:
$12.50 Walk-On  $10.50 per class for full program session

Bridge/Elements Class Rates:
$16.00 Walk-On  $15.50 per class for full program session

Calendar Automatic Updates

You can click on the google calendar button at the bottom of each calendar to add each to your individual google account calendar.

If you use a calendar program such as iCal on Macs, Outlook or Mozilla Sunbird on PCs, you can receive automated updates sent directly to those programs as well.

Please click on the button below the calendars above to subscribe.

When prompted, choose to open the file with the appropriate calendar program you have previously installed.